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From Jamie Goode

Jamie Goode

Chardonnay is the great global traveller of white grape varieties. In this sense, it is a bit like its red equivalent, Cabernet Sauvignon. Both grapes seem pretty flexible in their requirements, and tend to do pretty well wherever they are planted. And Chardonnay trumps Cabernet in that it seems to adapt itself to lots of different terroirs without overpowering them, rendering some of the specific local character rather than tasting just of Chardonnay. In contrast, Cabernet has a tendency to taste more of Cabernet than the place, although this is, of course, a bit of a generalization.

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In Claudia's glass

In our glass this week is the delicious, refreshing Metis Sauvignon Blanc from Klein Constantia. Inspired by Pascal Jolivet and his holistic approach to winemaking in Sancerre, using a unique and minimalistic approach to winemaking, this wine shows the true expression of the Constantia terroir. The name Metis refers to the collaboration between the two countries to produce this great wine and is reflected in the flower on the label that is a hybrid of the South African Protea and French Iris.

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