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From Jamie Goode

Jamie Goode

So we’re in December. How did that happen? Soon it will be time to write about our resolutions and plans for 2015, but for now, it’s time to look back. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to list my top 10 South African wines of 2014. I have tasted a lot of wines this year, and so making this sort of list is very hard if you think too much about it. In the end, I just went with the criteria of putting together a list of the wines that I enjoyed the most, that I’d most like to have on a table in front of me now, and also a list that showed a bit of balance. I’m not pretending that this is the ultimate list of the best wines – it would be far too hard to put this list together. And if you are a winemaker or an agent and your wine isn’t here, let me reassure you that I could have pulled together a list from a selection of 40 or 50 wines and it would have looked just as good. I just had to make a decision! I apologise for the fact that many of these wines will have sold out and thus are really hard to get hold of. There’s such a lot of interest in the top wines that you sometimes have to jump on release or miss out. A shame. So, in no particular order, my top 10.

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In Dawn Coventry's glass

Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut NV: Well, if I had to sum this wine up in one word it would be WOW! As a huge fan of fizz my expectations were high and if I am honest, I was expecting to be disappointed. How wrong could I be - this wine is one of the BEST I have tasted and at a fraction of the price. A MAJOR thumbs up from me!

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