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From Jamie Goode

Jamie Goode

A while back, Andre van Rensberg of celebrated Stellenbosch producer Vergelegen held a tasting titled ‘Cab is King’. I wasn’t able to make it, but after the event I was sent seven bottles of wine. These were cask samples of the 2012 vintage that had spent two years in barrel, and each represented components of the ‘V’ Bordeaux blend. The idea was for me to try my hand at blending the best wine I could from these individual components, and I remember spending a delightful and somewhat drunken afternoon sitting outside with a measuring cylinder, several glasses and a couple of decanters. I’m not sure my final blend was as good as André’s – after all, he’s been doing this all his career – but it was very educational seeing how different varieties and even the same varieties grown in different parts of the vineyard all meshed together to produce a more complete wine. It’s the art of blending, and this is the model for making Bordeaux-style reds.

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In Dawn Coventry's glass

Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut NV: Well, if I had to sum this wine up in one word it would be WOW! As a huge fan of fizz my expectations were high and if I am honest, I was expecting to be disappointed. How wrong could I be - this wine is one of the BEST I have tasted and at a fraction of the price. A MAJOR thumbs up from me!

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